Moscow to Host The Betting Trends Forum 2016

Published Sunday, January 17, 2016 -
Moscow to Host The Betting Trends Forum 2016

The state of the online gambling industry can be difficult to assess and there are a number of barometers to measure the status of the billion dollars flowing through the world's financial systems.

A new and interesting platform for investors to experience is the first and only specialized event devoted to sports betting called the Betting Trends Forum. Participants will discuss the most talked about segment of the gambling industry internet sports betting. On March 17, 2016, Moscow will host the Betting Trends Forum with the focus on the legislative regulation of wagering in Russia.

Currently the Russian government is in the process of changing it legislation to accommodate online gambling. Late in 2015 a new initiative from the Ministry of Sports of Russian Federation examined the possibility of accepting online wagers by citizens with possible rights for TV broadcasting of football games. Those invited to the discussions at this unique event are market operators from Russia and other jurisdictions, consulting and legal companies, digital and marketing agencies, as well as other players in the trending markets such as the fantasy sports market.

Discussions by participants will also include talks on the state of the sports betting market and its future possibilities plus the introduction of marketing tools to attract players as well as the appeal of fantasy sports betting as a trending sector in a broad and complex internet gambling industry.

The Betting Trends Forum in Moscow is organized and presented by Smile-Expo, a premier coordinator of the industrial events in the Commonwealth of Independent States promoting the progress of innovative new markets. The Korston Hotel & Casino Hotel is the designated venue for the Betting Trends Forum in Moscow. The Betting Trends Forum 2016 demo zone will feature a demonstration of the latest solutions for online betting companies such as software developers, and equipment manufacturers. The participants at the Forum will find themselves well ahead of the curve in the Russian interactive gambling industry.



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