Online Gambling Cyber Security Hackers Arrested

Published Saturday, January 30, 2016 -
Online Gambling Cyber Security Hackers Arrested

Security is a word every online gambling consumer has paid some attention to in order to feel safe while playing on the internet for real money. Cyber security is also a huge concern for the operators of gambling services and some have survived attacks by unscrupulous hackers. Poker Stars a world class online poker offering recently was the target of hackers in a distributed denial of service hit designed to overload a website’s servers by flooding them with hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous requests, rendering the site temporarily nonoperational. The hackers usually demand a ransom to free the site from the hacker’s grip.

Even though these hackers have been active since the early days of online gambling, they have increased dramatically in recent years. A recent “State of the Internet” report by tech company Akamai noted that attacks rose by 180 percent in the third quarter of 2015 when measured against the previous year. Fifty percent of these hits were aimed at the online gambling industry.

Now Europol has arrested members of DD4BC, a group of DDoS attackers who recently targeted PokerStars and Neteller in a Ddos hit. Members of the cyber crime group arrested in the Balkans earlier this month are suspected of having launched the attack on PokerStars last April 2015.

Europol, the EU’s version of the FBI, announced that two unnamed individuals connected to the collective were apprehended in Bosnia and Herzegovena, with one of those detained suspected of being the group’s head.  According to Netherlands-based Europol, “the action was initiated as part of a global law enforcement response against the criminal organization.” Key members of the organized network were identified in Bosnia and Herzegovina by the UK Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit. “Operation Pleiades resulted in the arrest of a main target and one more suspect detained. Multiple property searches were carried out and an extensive amount of evidence was seized.”


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