ESSA Stepping Up Efforts To Combat Match Fixing

Published Thursday, February 11, 2016 -
ESSA Stepping Up Efforts To Combat Match Fixing

ESSA is a not for profit organisation, whose members operate through retail, online and telephone channels and its role is to provide an early warning system with the specific aim of detecting and deterring the corruption of members’ betting markets through the manipulation of sporting events. ESSA employs a two tier mechanism which assists its members to determine, quickly and efficiently if any fraudulent activity or unfair market manipulation is taking place on any given sports event covered by any of its members.

Now a new ESSA project funded by the European Union aims to tackle the issue of match-fixing in sporting events around the globe. Stakeholders, such as Interpol, the International Olympic Committee, and the British and French regulatory authorities are involved in the project called Kick Crime Out of Sport (KCOOS). The two tiered system employed by ESSA are number one, its Internal Control System. This is a legal requirement which obliges ESSA members to maintain strict safeguards on “who bets on what” and to retain records of all transactions thereby creating a digital fingerprint and detailed audit trail. The second aspect is the Early Warning System (EWS). The ESSA early warning system primarily works on the input provided by its members, such as alerts created by members relating to suspicious transactions detected by their own internal control systems.

The project will focus on delivering a range of practical resources, such as the development of a ‘Handbook on Good Practices’, and a series of regional events will gather information and explore effective legislative examples and tools to deal with corruption and match-fixing.

Secretary general of ESSA, Khalid Ali,  who is also a stakeholder, commented,  “The project marks another important milestone in the development of an effective and coordinated international collaboration between key stakeholders that are intent on driving criminals out of sport. Responsible regulated betting operators want nothing else than sport to be free from manipulation and will do whatever we can to help to achieve that.”



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