Cloud Online Gambling IT Trend Maturing

Published Sunday, February 21, 2016 -
Cloud Online Gambling IT Trend Maturing

The online gambling consumer is always looking for the best delivery of games with the most security and speed. The latest trend in IT is cloud computing and operators such as Microsoft, IBM, Google and  Amazon all compete to be associated with the term. The online gambling industry is adopting this way of doing business for example UK-based operator Bet365 announced that the new version of its in-play betting will be cutting latency, with the help of their own private cloud.

Although the adoption of the cloud based technology platform sounds futuristic there is among consumers some lack of understanding as to what cloud computing really is or how it works and how it fits in with the online gambling industry. Cloud computing does have some advantages in the sense it can access resources from what appears to be an infinite pool of resources including storage and bandwidth and software suites. The configuration is negligible for the user in contrast to the traditional approach, where the user must own an actual piece of hardware or a copy of software to use them. Many services which are used everyday can be described as cloud computing, such as image sharing webmail or a web based game are in the ‘cloud’. The use of the remote service replacing on site products are presumed to be more flexible less expensive and convenient. “Cloud storage and hosting is the wave of the future.” This is a claim that rings true today with more online gambling operators turning to the cloud every day. It has been suggested that cloud-based casino gaming doesn’t just make it easy to spot and fix technical problems it also helps operators cut costs. Sabby Gill, IGT’s Senior VP of International Sales commented back in 2012, “It’s not only the cost of deploying games, it’s the cost of technical infrastructure, So, we’re not only looking at the player, we’re also concerned with how operators reduce their costs of running a casino.”



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