Virtual Reality Online Casinos From Microgaming

Published Thursday, February 25, 2016 -
Virtual Reality Online Casinos From Microgaming

The newest wave of innovative methods to gamble is coming with the addition of virtual reality. This year the push to expand on the virtual reality experience is being helped by technology that is enhancing the online gambling industry. Leading software developer for the online casino industry Microgaming is closing in on the potential of a virtual reality real money gambling opportunity.

Virtual reality gaming is accomplished by wearing a devise that simulates various environments. A crowd funded headset called the Oculus Rift that encompasses two displays that are streamed to the user’s eyes creating an immersive experience. Similar devices have already been released, including Google Glass as one of the most popular. Microgaming’s Cryolab display was at the recent ICE 2016 show a new product was designed in Cryolab exclusively for the show. Microgaming showcased its research and development progress in the field of Virtual Reality technology for the online gambling industry.

Microgaming’s first Virtual Reality game is cyber Roulette using the Oculus Rift which is set to be released early in 2016.  Microgaming has been focusing on the potential of wearable VR devices. Microgaming is making available a virtual reality application that as yet is not compatible with real money play. Unfortunately Microgaming has developed apps that can be downloaded from the most used app stores such as Google Play and Apple which will keep the virtual reality apps from being used for real money betting. It has been suggested that Oculus Rift will bring its own app store to the market  and although the offering of real money virtual reality will depend on the legislation imposed on the Oculus store the potential is there in spades.

As virtual reality online casinos become more popular and more exciting the line between the real terrestrial casino environment and the virtual one will become fuzzy. Microgaming is ahead of the curve and may very well change online gambling forever.




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