Novomatic Sazka Joint Takeover of Casinos Austria

Published Tuesday, March 01, 2016 -
Novomatic Sazka Joint Takeover of Casinos Austria

Novomatic is an international gaming company, created in 1980 which since then has grown to garner total revenue of 3.2 billion euro and made a profit of 359 million euro in 2012. The company has offices in 43 countries and also operate casinos in locations such as Berlin Germany and Santiago, Chile. Novomatic  employs about 24,000 staff worldwide and 3,300 employees in Austria. The group subsidiary Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions is the leading full service provider in the online gaming and entertainment market segment and a pioneer in the development and provision of state-of-the-art gaming solutions.

Sazka is a private firm that engages in the operation of lottery and betting opportunities in the Czech Republic. Sazka was founded in 1956 and is based in Prague, Czech Republic. A recent announcement has joined Novomatic and Sazka in a deal to create a strategic partnership of equals to bring in their respective shares in Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries in order to create a joint venture company.

Casinos Austria was created in 1967 and it owns and operates casinos around the world making it one of the largest casino operators on the planet. Casinos Austria together with its partners operate many casino and lottery operations and one online gambling platform.

Novomatic and Sazka will serve as shareholders of the brands with the focus on expanding the current range of products.  

Novomatic chief executive officer Harald Neumann commented, “[This is] the first essential step towards providing a clear shareholding structure to Casinos Austria and making the company fit on the long term for the future challenges of the domestic and global markets,” Neumann continued,  “Furthermore, it is important for us, to reach a common understanding with all shareholders on the way forward.”

Sazka Group’s investment director Štěpán Dlouhý, also commented, “We have always stressed our intention to sustainably develop Casinos Austria’s gaming and lottery business jointly with Austrian partners, with a paramount focus on responsible gaming and corporate social responsibility.”


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