Paddy Power Gambling Shop Locations Criticized

Published Wednesday, March 16, 2016 -
Paddy Power Gambling Shop Locations Criticized

Target advertizing has always been part of good economic sense when it comes to marketing. Companies specifically targeting an ethnic group or two seems unethical but in all fairness there so many companies selling all sorts of products that do the same thing.

A recent article points the finger at Paddy Power, the online offline gambling services provider from Ireland claiming the firm is deliberately putting its money into areas where the ethnic minorities dwell.  Analysis recently carried out by the Campaign for Fairer Gambling has revealed that of the 349 betting shops sixty one percent are located in areas with above average levels of citizens not from the U.K.  

Paddy Power has taken up a position in the gambling market that is servicing a particular interest in gambling shops namely the controversial fixed-odds betting terminals. Betting shops are allowed up to four FOBTs in each of its premises and there are now an estimated 35,000 being used in the UK.

Adrian Parkinson, an experienced professional specialising in gambling-based consultancy, commented, “Paddy Power may argue they are effective at picking the right sites. We believe they are deliberately targeting those communities with populations susceptible to the kind of addictive play enabled by FOBTs.”

Paddy Power has maintained that it has a fewer shops than its competitors and was forced to concentrate in urban areas. The issue has become a political one with one of Labour’s mayoral candidates, Sadiq Khan, telling The Guardian he was “extremely disturbed” by the results of the report the Campaign for Fairer Gambling has published.

Paddy Power’s online gambling wing recently finalized its merger with Betfair to create Paddy Power Betfair and it remains to be seen if this new entity will have the same business strategy when it comes to its online offerings. Paddy Power is known for its every man is important approach to marketing its online or other gambling products.



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