Political Call For Ban on Sports Gambling Ads in Australia

Published Sunday, April 10, 2016 - Online-Casinos.com
Political Call For Ban on Sports Gambling Ads in Australia

Australians have a good time punting and playing and with the advent of online betting the enjoyment level is palpable. The majority of the population takes gambling on the internet with a grain of salt and understands it is an adult pastime that should be treated with respect. Politically Australia has a number of parties one of which is the Green party which has Federally ten senators and one member in the lower house, 23 elected representatives in state and territory parliaments, more than 100 local councillors, and close to 10,000 party members as of 2011.

Now the Greens party wants to introduce legislation to prohibit all sports betting advertising, using the similar logic previously imposed, “the same way that tobacco advertising was banned” back in 1992. The gambling critic for the Green party, Senator Richard Di Natale who has previously advocated for a similar ban on radio betting advertizing,  saying  “sports betting, like tobacco, is an adult product” and needed to be treated accordingly. Di Natale commented that adults should have the freedom to bet as they please “but watching a game of footy shouldn’t be like walking into a casino.”

The Greens are a party that looks to keep Australian society safe now and in the future. In 2013, Australia banned the on-air promotion of live odds during sports broadcasts but the Greens are still concerned that the laws are not going far enough and that current legislation may be, “tarnishing our iconic Australian sporting codes and normalizing gambling for our kids.” It has been noted that the online gambling operators are being advertizing their products aggressively, confirmed by a Fairfax Media study of the first weekend of this year’s Australian Football League season revealed that one in six spots was promoting gambling firms.

The opposing faction spoke up with Australian Wagering Council CEO Ian Fletcher described the Greens’ “headline-grabbing” proposal as a “piecemeal, political gesture” that “unhelpfully caricatures a genuinely complex issue of community concern”



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