Big Data Analytics Impacting Online Gambling

Published Thursday, April 14, 2016 -
Big Data Analytics Impacting Online Gambling

The internet has provided the everyday person the ability to search out information on just about every subject there is including betting. There are many versions of poker for example that require a different set of skills to be good at but for the most part you still have to know what you are doing and that means information.

The information needed for example to place a bet on a horse race was given to the player via a scratch sheet  which is a racing publication giving the betting odds and other information on the horses entered at a racetrack or racetracks during a racing day. Now however all that information is digitized and instantly available any time anywhere for all kinds of wagers. Where all that information comes from and how the odds are calculated has also changed a great deal. There are many brilliant people working at the highest levels with the most advanced analytics to keep the operators solvent.

A recent article about the investment in the talents of intelligent young people by Sky Betting & Gaming from Leeds U.K. reveals a positive step forward. The company has recruited two Data Science Masters students to intern over the summer season to have them engage in two projects; machine learning techniques to improve the safety for customers and to develop a casino game recommendation engine to enhance the consumer experience. These placements are designed to allow masters undergraduates to demonstrate advanced skills in the commercial application.  

Sky Betting and Gaming recently launched a £1.5m Graduate Software Academy, a £1m Graduate Commercial Academy, which is a dedicated portal for graduate talent from the data science course. The field of big data analytics is growing in the online gambling industry and it will definitely impact the way punters place their wagers.






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