Canada's Government Says No to Single-Event Gambling

Published Sunday, April 24, 2016 -
Canada's Government Says No to Single-Event Gambling

Canada is a large and diverse nation that includes many different cultures and points of view. A recent revelation that the new government in Canada may not be quick to legalize single-event sports betting comes as a surprise to some critics.

The Liberal government which has a majority in the House of Commons has announced it will oppose Bill C-221 that would legalise wagering on single-game sports in the Great White North. The nation’s  criminal code does not allow the provinces and territories to accept single-event sports betting in their respective jurisdictions. Bill C-221, the ‘Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act’, would amend a section of the code to allow to these kinds of wagers.

Heavy criticism on the subject was heard from Sean Casey, Liberal MP for Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada. Mr. Casey used the critical view point expressed by the various sports leagues such as the National Hockey League and National Baseball League of the failed bill, C-290 to give validity to his opposition to the proposed new legislation. He also said that Canada’s current laws regarding single-event wagers are helping to combat match-fixing issues in sports and that altering the law could negatively impact the ability of the law to do this job.

Although the last time a bill was almost past regarding this change in the way punters could gamble did have some detractors the new proposal in the House of Commons does not look to have the same potential to be approved. Speaking in Canada’s House of Commons during debate on the bill Casey stated, “opposing this bill means protecting our most vulnerable citizens”, and that passing C-221 would mean “more gambling and will contribute to the many ills to society brought about by problem gambling”  



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