Election Gambling A Threat in Borneo

Published Thursday, April 28, 2016 - Online-Casinos.com
Election Gambling A Threat in Borneo

The internet has a good side and an unseen side that can make for a really bad experience. Learning to navigate the internet and take advantage of all it has to offer doesn’t mean we have to be blinded by the little rectangle glowing in front of us.

The online casino, sports, poker, lottery and other gambling service providers, many of which are government operations are always on the defensive against fraudulent scammers. The news today related to online gambling and casinos is global and it provides a relevant example of each society’s view on gambling in all its aspects including online.

A recent article in the Borneo Post points out what a global threat internet criminals are. There is a great deal of concern in Borneo that gambling would influence the political outcome of the elections.  It was revealed that personnel from Bukit Aman, who are currently stationed there for the state election, had also partnered with local counterparts to break up an illegal lottery operation following reported incidents of such activities known to be rampant in the town of Batu Kawah.

State CID chief SAC Dev Kumar who has vowed not to let their guard down and would ensure that elections are conducted fairly and smoothly without any influence from gamblers.He also revealed a special operation had made six raids at four coffee shops, a food court and a bicycle shop which resulted in the arrest of 12 people and a seizure of cash amounting to RM9,491 ($2444.00 USD) thought to be wagering funds.

During the raids many items of illegal lottery activities such as calculators, mobile phones, portable printers, betting ledgers and slips were also seized to be used for evidence.

Every year more people fall victim to the various frauds perpetuated on unsuspecting citizens which is increasing with the use of the internet. Playing responsibly means looking up the online domain and making sure its legally registered in the jurisdiction you are in.  


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