Spanish Regulated Online Gambling Success

Published Thursday, May 19, 2016 -
Spanish Regulated Online Gambling Success

Spain has captured the hearts of online gamblers and is keeping the trend vital with betting expanding  while security and fair gaming remain ideal. The growth in the Spanish online gambling market is due to a combination of factors that includes the growing technology and advances in casino games and sports betting opportunities.

‘Juego Seguro is the Spanish regulatory body that literally translates to "safe play".  It is a crucial aspect of the internet betting industry giving players added confidence in the safety of the games and the genuine and authentic conditions presented.  The regulated online gambling market in Spain is relatively new with its first license granted in 2012. The demand has grown fast since then despite a  financial recession in the country. In 2015  the Spanish regulators gave the go ahead to online slots as part of the internet gaming offering which increased the traffic for online casinos.

In the third quarter of 2015, online slots represented €18.1 million of the €84.2 million in revenue totally generated from online gambling in Spain. Football is still the sport that many Spaniards gamble on with sport books making it easy and safe to place real money bets on favoured teams and players. Teams such as Real Madrid and Barcelona have major fan bases in Spain and beyond. It is not surprising that the internet lights up when these teams are competing giving the fans a chance to bet support and possibly win some cash in the process.  

Online poker is also gaining in popularity in the country with poker rooms being attended by players from all over the world. Regulated online gambling is giving the Spanish government a boost in revenue that it is using to provide a safe and secure environment for the people who play real money games over the internet.


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