Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Legal Question Examined

Published Monday, May 30, 2016 - Online-Casinos.com
Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Legal Question Examined

When the lawyers are talking about online gambling issues such as the legality of daily fantasy sports there must be some kind of controversy going on. A recent post by the Lawyers Weekly, a Canadian legal newspaper published since 1983,

The article is pointing to issues that the USA is debating over daily fantasy sports betting and how those rulings in the various jurisdictions in the States could affect Canadian legal decisions. The use of the Internet has allowed fantasy sports websites to proliferate and it has become big business that millions of sports betting fans enjoy.
Traditional fantasy sports is a long term affair requiring dedication and constant updates to stay ahead of the game as any manager must. The critical mass of all the hard work comes at the end of a long season of input when the team that was most successful takes home the spoils. Skill is definitely a requirement for the task of winning at traditional fantasy sports.

The newest trick is the daily fantasy sports experience which takes place over short periods of time as the name suggests the decision making is fast and effectively less predictable and more luck focused. When the New York state attorney general concluded, referring to the differences between traditional fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports, that the operations of certain daily fantasy sports operations constituted illegal gambling under New York law legal practitioners everywhere could hear the cash register ringing knowing that the ruling from the attorney general last October would spell debate in court.

The Lawyers Weekly said the recent crackdown on DFS in the United States leads to the question of whether DFS websites are compliant with Canadian law. There is no real conclusion to the skill versus luck argument, it is basically not practical for the government to consider launching criminal prosecutions against the thousands of gambling services available to Canadians online.

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