ARJEL & ESSA Team Up Integrity Efforts For EURO 2016

Published Thursday, June 09, 2016 -
ARJEL & ESSA Team Up Integrity Efforts For EURO 2016

The world is watching as the UEFA EURO 2016 football competition kicks off in France starting tomorrow June 10th and running until July 10th. UEFA the governing body of European football has a mission to promote, protect and develop European football.

When Google responded to online gambling on euro 2016 there were almost nine hundred thousand web locations. UEFA promotes football by staging 15 club and national team competitions, and protects the game via measures such as Financial Fair Play, match-fixing prevention, club licensing and anti-doping. UEFA helps develop the game across Europe via its HatTrick assistance programme.

The number of online gambling operators that have recently launched sports betting offerings just in time for the month long event schedule is remarkable but consistent with the potential gambling revenues from the games.

Also just in time ESSA has entered into an integrity agreement with the French gambling regulator ARJEL to insure any irregularities in online betting patterns on the matches is recognized quickly and dealt with accordingly.

ESSA chairman Mike O’Kane commented, “We are delighted to be working with ARJEL; this agreement represents an important milestone in establishing a network of international information sharing agreements between regulators and responsible regulated betting operators,”  O’Kane continued, “One of our key objectives has been to establish cross-sector partnerships as the most effective means of tackling betting-related corruption in sport. ”

Charles Coppolani, Chairman of the French regulatory body, ARJEL, also spoke on the arrangement, “The exchange of information and international cooperation with betting companies is a key part of the Council of Europe Convention to protect sport and tackle corruption. ” 

Coppolani continued, “This agreement strengthens our betting integrity framework ahead of one of the biggest sporting events in the world, taking place on French soil. “Sports betting integrity is paramount and ARJEL is committed to protecting that ethos and to working with responsible stakeholders such as ESSA.”



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