Isle Of Man Online Gambling Industry Security

Published Wednesday, June 15, 2016 -
Isle Of Man Online Gambling Industry Security

The Isle of Man government plans to capitalize on the collapse of the Safe Harbour data transfer agreement by using it to promote the island’s data centre community. The self-governing island, just off the north-west coast of England, is home to five data centre operators those being Manx Telecom, WiManx, Domicilium, Continent 8 and Netcetera. The online gambling industry in the Isle of Man is alive and well moving with confidence in their system and more development. Designed to ensure there are no single points of failure with regard to its network connectivity or energy supplies the Isle of Man’s infrastructure is well respected and used.

It remains committed to delivering a stable government and a strong regulatory environment for the online gambling industry and is supported by a wide range of attractive business benefits. The government's proactive and agile approach to pushing through legislation to support the growth of new and emerging areas of technology is another benefit for investors creating growth potential in the internet betting world. In 2001, the Isle of Man Government was one of the first jurisdictions on the planet to introduce legislation specifically designed to benefit gambling and e-gaming companies and fully protect customers.

Faced with competition from other low-tax jurisdictions such as Jersey and Guernsey, the Isle of Man continues to attract entrepreneurs who are looking for a good deal that is secure. The Isle of Man does not have a capital gains tax for example an advantage for start-up firms. Recently the government introduced a £50m Enterprise Development Fund  aimed at organisations that are either starting out, looking to expand or wanting to relocate to the island, providing them with access to grants, equity and loan investments. With eight in 10 start-up ventures failing, the Isle of Man Government is focused on attracting the ones with the highest potential for success. Programs such as this ensure the future for The Isle of Man’s online gambling community.




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