Plenty Of Online Gambling On Brexit Question

Published Sunday, June 19, 2016 -
Plenty Of Online Gambling On Brexit Question

One of the biggest decisions that the people of Britain must make is on the horizon with online bookies taking positions on whether the European Union will keep England within the fold. The situation seems surreal in a sense with the reality of a possible and radical change taking place in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Online gambling books in the U.K. and elsewhere are taking odds on not only the Brexit gamble but the American election as well. The available information on the Brexit situation makes it clear that the remaining in the E.U. side has more momentum.

David Cameron has been Prime Minister of England for six years and there have been three referendums in that time. The first in 2011 when a comfortable majority rejected electoral reform much to the liking of Mr. Cameron.  The second referendum in 2014 on Scottish independence  also went  Cameron’s direction but it was closer than predicted.

Cameron has said he will stay on as Prime Minister if the people of Britain choose to exit the European Union and with that announcement Betfair has opened up an online betting opportunity which combines the referendum result and Prime Minister Cameron's future. There many combinations to bet on with various gambling service providers offering different points of view. A greater percentage of the funds being bet on a stay result makes it clear that a vote to remain in the E.U. is considered to be a safe bet, especially when betting with larger sums of money.

Meanwhile in Brussels in the bureaucratic nerve-centre of the European Union there was only one real topic of conversation last week of course it was Brexit. “People are nervous”, admitted a senior European bureaucrat, “There is just no longer that quiet certainty that, in the end, Britain will vote to remain,” he added.

Britain is expected to receive a difficult time if it chooses to leave the E.U. and the open market for gambling products.


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