Online Betting on Sports Conference Sept 15th 16th London

Published Tuesday, June 28, 2016 -
Online Betting on Sports Conference Sept 15th 16th London

The interest in gambling online has some room to grow yet and one sector that offers endless wagering opportunities is betting on sports. Betting on Sports is a brand new 2-day conference focusing on sports gambling. It is to be held at the prestigious 5-Star Grange Hotel Tower Bridge, in London England on the 15th and 16th of September 2016. During the event, delegates and sponsors will be treated to world class hospitality, unlimited networking and business opportunities, and top class speaker sessions.

Building on the success of the Betting on Football Conferences, Betting on Sports will bring together delegates from sport and the gambling industry to debate the important issues related to the sports betting industry.  It has been suggested that the global sports betting market makes up about 13 percent of the global gambling market, which along with illegal sports betting enterprises could be worth trillions of dollars. Legal sports betting is worth more than $100 billion annually, according to research from Morgan Stanley.  Sports Betting Community is presenting this event and is dedicated to raising the profile and coverage of gambling operators, software suppliers and industry start-ups in the complex and competitive online gambling market. The company has had three successful years presenting the Betting on Football Conference and has gained a following of professionals in the field of online sports betting that are sure to attend this new conference happening.

Some of the conference agenda includes, Predicting the Future of Sports Betting with a high-level bookmaker panel discussing the trends in the betting industry and how it interacts with sport. The session will feature Fabio Schiavolin Chief Executive Officer of Cogemat/Cogetech Group and the CEO at Marathonbet, Viktor Hoffmann.

On September 16th eMarketing and the commercial opportunities around eSports will be presented for discussion with James Dean, founder and co-Managing Director of the ESL UK subsidiary since 2012, building the brand and community on a regional level. Early in 2016, ESL opened the UK’s first purpose built esports gaming studio as part of a continued growth plan for UK esports marketing.  




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