ESSA Watching for Sport Betting Integrity

Published Tuesday, July 19, 2016 -
ESSA Watching for Sport Betting Integrity

In the sports betting world there are individuals who corrupt the system by match fixing and collusion which completely undermines the integrity of sports wagering. The system however is a connected one and there are safeguards and security gates throughout the process.

One such organization is the ESSA system which works primarily on the input provided by its members, notably alerts created by members relating to suspicious transactions detected by internal control systems. A betting pattern is only confirmed as suspicious after ESSA has made detailed investigations with all of its members to make sure that the unusual patterns are for legitimate reasons, such as incorrect pricing or some technical error.

ESSA is a not for profit organisation  that provides an early warning system with the specific aim of detecting and deterring the corruption of ESSA members’ betting markets through the manipulation of sporting events. Recently the betting integrity body has confirmed that they reported 41 cases of suspicious betting activity to the relevant gambling regulatory and sports governing authorities during the second quarter of 2016.

Tennis accounted for 34 or 83 percent of the total 41 cases, with four cases involving football and one each for snooker, handball and beach volleyball. Twenty four cases were identified in European sporting events, with five in Asia and Africa, three in North and South America, and one case that did not have a specific origin.

ESSA Chairman, Mike O’Kane, commented, “It is quite right that the tennis authorities seek to conduct a thorough investigation of its integrity procedures. We must, quite reasonably, give the sport some breathing space to identify and implement any necessary changes, but changes are clearly needed and the sooner the better for us all.

“In the meantime, ESSA will continue to support the sport in this important endeavour, which will hopefully soon result in the delivery of a best practice model that others will follow.”




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