Ultimate Bet Online Poker Scandal Surfaces Again

Published Monday, July 25, 2016 - Online-Casinos.com
Ultimate Bet Online Poker Scandal Surfaces Again

In the online world things can seem to last forever in the virtual space even though they are not current and no longer valid information. The internet gambling industry has had a number of scandals one of which stands out as a long running cheating saga that keeps surfacing to expose more of the sordid details. The Cereus Poker Network online poker network comprising Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet  was exposed for cheating tactics back as far as 2005. According to the company, the fraudulent activity was traced to unauthorized software code that transferred hole-card information of other players to the perpetrators during play. UltimateBet stated it had removed the cheating software as of February 2008 and began issuing refunds to affected players.

By October of 2007 widespread Internet allegations of cheating led to the regulatory body Kahnawake Gaming Commission to an investigation. The scandal with Ultimate Bet has been going on for more than five years, with new evidence being revealed constantly. In a recently published Facebook post Annie Duke, a poker representative of Ultimate Bet, has revealed more about the so called “God Mode” software which scammed as much as $50 million from players. In her statement on Facebook Ms. Duke explained that she had indeed used the “God Mode” software yet she neglected to mention whether it was to cheat at cards or for some other purpose.

Annie Duke also claimed that if she knew of the damage done with “God Mode” in Ultimate Bet, she would have quit as a representative immediately. Her surprise was evident when confronted with the extent to which people who have used the program.

Officially Duke has said that she no longer has any connection with the web location, and has given up all ownership rights. Scandals come and go and the fallout is basically a bad reputation and a loss of trust no matter what explanation is provided.

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