2016 Rio Olympic Games Online Gambling Security

Published Sunday, August 07, 2016 - Online-Casinos.com
2016 Rio Olympic Games Online Gambling Security

Now that the 2016 Olympic Games have begun in Brazil the first Olympic Games to take place in South America is underway the gambling industry is fully charged and taking bets. Online gambling has made the ancient practice of wagering on sports a different experience with much more information available on each competitor and team.

The Olympics generates massive revenues for the online gambling industry and there is always some controversy surrounding wagers on the Olympic sports competitions. The Olympic Games are the second most viewed event in the world and the revenue generated by media sales and sponsorships but now the International Olympic Committee is demanding that sports organizers and federations get a piece of the profit pie generated by online casinos and bookmakers. There are government and other sports betting groups that are asking for more scrutiny with regard to bets placed on the Olympic Games, others are recommending legalizing the process. Recently, the Nevada Gaming Control Board lifted the prohibition on Olympic wagering, creating a legal jurisdiction in the USA to bet on the games.

The Rio Olympic Games of 2016 in Brazil is fraught with problems that will affect the betting patterns. Concerns about the Zika virus outbreak and the problem with the Russian track athletes accused of government sanctioned doping being banned are but a few of the current issues in Brazil. The Court of Arbitration for Sport has refused to lift the ban on 68 Russian competitors. Online betting will surge as punters bet via the comfort of home rather than risk trouble in an environment that is somewhat difficult to navigate.

The International Olympic Committee’s Integrity Betting Intelligence System will be on guard monitoring any and all betting patterns on the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Genius Sports, a global leader in sports data technology recently announced a partnership with the IOC to monitor the possible manipulation of competitions.

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