Offshore Online Gambling Firms Told to Go By BCLC

Published Thursday, September 22, 2016 -
Offshore Online Gambling Firms Told to Go By BCLC

Canada has seen a number of international online gambling operators exit the market there recently. Now the provincial government of British Columbia has put the rest of the offshore gambling operators on notice that their products are not welcomed. It was reported that the British Columbia Gaming Policy Enforcement Branch issued a warning letter to online gambling operators taking wagers in British Columbia. As many as nineteen chief executive officers were sent he communication warning  operators that if they continued to offer online gambling services their actions could be in violation of Canada’s Criminal Code of as well as the Gaming Control Act.

The provincial government has an argument pending with the offshore gambling operators that state they are breaking no laws because their operations are not actually located in the country. Other provincial online gambling monopolies such as Quebec and Ontario have also struggled with offshore firms providing better odds and more variety than the government run enterprises reducing revenue to the provincial coffers. The government of Quebec has even attempted to shut out offshore gambling firms by blocking the web locations which is being challenged as unconstitutional by various freedom of the internet organizations. BCLC’s online gambling site was the organization’s fastest growing sector recently. The site earned record revenue of C$135.5m (US $102.7m) in 2015-16. Canada has not progressed in terms of updating its laws regarding online gambling with the provincial monopolies serving as both gambling operator and regulator.

It was just revealed that the Federal government in Ottawa will not allow Canadian sports punters to bet on single games. The private members bill that has been back and forth in the House of Commons to legalize single event betting on sports was voted down in the Federal parliament putting an end to hopes of many sports punters in the country.  

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