Kahnawake Stops US Facing Online Gambling Activity

Published Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - Online-Casinos.com
Kahnawake Stops US Facing Online Gambling Activity

The internet is international but there are borders created by governments that don’t always allow for e- commerce free trade in many jurisdictions. The USA has been leading the pack when it comes to the heavy long arm of American law which seems to extend all over the world at times. The WTO judgement against the USA awarding the tiny island nation of Antigua Barbuda millions after the US cut the rug out from under the online gambling industry has been ignored by the States.

It is a given that the USA is divided in many ways over the federal online gambling laws but they have made headway in Quebec after a New Jersey Kahanawake-based data center specialist known as Continent 8 was caught violating new Jersey’s licensing rules. Now the Kahnawake Gaming Commission which is located in Quebec Canada will cease permitting its online gambling licensees to serve punters in States where the activity is illegal. New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement said the new policy will take effect on Sept. 30 2016. The New York Times published a report which suggested that Continent 8 was supplying online gambling services to operators facing the USA.

A DGE spokesperson contacted by the New York Times said Continent 8, “has an obligation to conduct due diligence with respect to its customers” and that the DGE “would commence regulatory proceedings” against Cont 8 if the company was found to have knowingly done business with US-facing operators.

The DGE is now extending its authority beyond its real borders to other states that have yet to regulate their markets.

The online gambling laws in America may change if Donald Trump gets into the White House after all anti online gambling lobbyist Sheldon Adelson is a big supporter. America has its own international rules and places like Antigua should give up the fight and play the American style game.


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