DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports Collusion Suspected

Published Thursday, September 29, 2016 - Online-Casinos.com
DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports Collusion Suspected

Daily Fantasy Sports betting has been making huge inroads into the online gambling industry offering a new way to wager too many sports fans. There have been setbacks though in the fantasy sports business with two of the major operators offering daily fantasy sports action being suspected of corrupting the system to favour certain individuals.

Now not long after the first issue was resolved regarding the use of inside information to skew the results there is another investigation being undertaken by Daily Fantasy Sports operator DraftKings. The firm is investigating two of its players for possible collusion in order to win DraftKings’ “Fantasy Football Millionaire” contest.

Suspicions were raised recently when player Martin Crowley, was one of the winners of the “Fantasy Football Millionaire” contest, that boasted a $1 million prize. Mr. Crowley’s brother however also won a million dollar contest last year. The investigation is the result of the possibility of collusion between the two brothers to win the prize.

DraftKings Head of compliance for DraftKings Jennifer Aguiar, told the Wall Street Journal that they “are in the process of an ongoing investigation.” According to the Wall Street Journal the probe,  “appears to be focused on whether at least one winner of Sunday’s contest found ways around the site’s limits on how many entries each user can submit and the level of cooperation they can have with other players.”

A submission of a maximum of 150 entries is accepted for the Fantasy Football Millionaire contest. There were as many as 257,000 entries at $20 each. Winning the contest requires having high-scoring players that nobody else has obtained which translates into having more lineups with little or no overlap increases a player’s chance of winning the contest. Aguiar said to the paper,  “If you are sharing lineups for the purpose of, for the lack of a better word, gaming the system, that is unacceptable,”



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