Crown Resorts Caught in Chinese Gambling Crackdown

Published Sunday, October 16, 2016 -
Crown Resorts Caught in Chinese Gambling Crackdown

The international aspect of the gambling industry has been growing with the use of online services and the investment plans of major operators looking to expand in other jurisdictions. Thailand is one area in the Asian market that seems to be a target that some casino owners would love to get into. The recent passing away of the King of Thailand after a seventy year reign has opened the door for possible changes in the gambling laws but it is unlikely the changes will come anytime soon.

In China the situation for a number of employees of Australia based Crown Resorts has become tense after Chinese officials detained them for as yet unknown reasons. The Australian Financial Review news source reported recently that authorities in China have detained “at least 18” Crown Resort staff members, including three Australian nationals. China and Australia have an agreement that requires either nation to inform authorities they are holding a national within 72 hours of them being detained.  Crown’s executive general manager of international VIP services, Jason O’Connor, has been confirmed as one of the detained Australian nationals. Crown`s spokesperson said that the company “believes that a number of our employees in China are being questioned by local authorities”  

The staff affected are part of the part of Crown`s local sales and marketing team. Gambling laws in China prohibits advertising gambling services on the mainland. Crown said in a statement. “Crown is staying in close contact with and is providing support to the families of our employees in China and Australia.”

Risking an international diplomatic issue between China and Australia these arrests may have consequences for the rest of the international gambling industry. Online gambling is also being closely monitored by the Chinese government which has also being infiltrating the culture of the repressive society.

Thailand is another jurisdiction that online and terrestrial gambling operators may do well to stay away from for the time being.


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