More Available Social Online Gambling Platforms

Published Monday, October 17, 2016 -
More Available Social Online Gambling Platforms

The internet has given everyone who wants to a chance to connect and possibly play with friends from around the world. Online gambling whether it is on sports or some other type of game can come in all sorts of packages over the internet. The operators have been determined to outdo one another offering every conceivable format and style of wagering experience.

There is one aspect that some operators have been turning their attention too that is gaining momentum in the competitive online gambling for real money arena. Social betting is gaining serious traction with the proliferation of social media usage. Social online betting takes the bookies out of the equation and puts players at the heart of the online wagering activity. One of the many social network additions to the activity is EveryFan operated by Everyfan Operations Ltd, based in London United Kingdom which is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

Recently in September EveryFan expanded its service offering with the launch of a new web app platform. The new app includes a fully-responsive landing page, optimised for mobile and desktop, as well as all the features present in the existing mobile app for iOS, such as in-play social betting. Leon Walters, chief executive of EveryFan, commented then, “We’re incredibly excited about the growth our social betting app has already achieved, and the launch of the web app will accelerate that even further.

“We’re ambitious to reach all fans with EveryFan’s unique product, and will continue to develop it with more native apps and increased features.”

Now just a few weeks later EveryFan has added an Android mobile application giving access to up to 40 betting markets across major international and club football games. The CEO commented, “EveryFan is creating the best social betting experience on the market, and launching a native Android app improves the ease of use for all players using the Google mobile operating system.”






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