UK Gambling Commission To Upgrade Online Standards

Published Friday, October 28, 2016 -
UK Gambling Commission To Upgrade Online Standards

The regulation of online gambling has been making the activity safe and secure for some time now. The established order if the online betting industry is based on rules established by regulators such as the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission. The Commission's stated aims are "to keep crime out of gambling, to ensure that gambling is conducted fairly and openly, and to protect children and vulnerable people". Online regulation was given to the UKGC in November of 2014 and has been somewhat effect since then. Last year in 2015, the Commission started a consultation of the Remote Gambling and Software Technical Standards and the results found that several changes needed to be made.

Some of the proposed changes are obviously needed as the online gambling industry has advanced technologically. Integrity issues are on the agenda with a proposal being considered to create new regulations regarding any confiscated money of players. The UKGC thinks that consumers are not informed correctly as to what eventually will happen to confiscated accounts. The UKGC wants operators provide a description, of the confiscated funds policy. The UKGC sees the complexity of the integrity issues and only deals with the main concerns.

Another proposed requirement has been put forth is a change for in-play betting software to provide customers with the option to choose if they will accept price fluctuations that occur once the wager is placed and that operators must inform consumers of their options. Those online gambling operators that offer live dealer casinos will not have to go through an audit by the UKGC if they have already been audited by a respected licensing jurisdiction.

Problem gambling behavior has also been dealt with by the proposed changes by the UKGC. This list is only a section of many changes proposed such as those concerning progressive jackpots, information security standards, new and emerging game designs and the rounding off of odds on virtual sports.  


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