More German Online Gambling Licenses Possible

Published Saturday, October 29, 2016 -
More German Online Gambling Licenses Possible

Germany’s online gambling industry has been dealing with a bevy of troubles ever since the government’s State Treaty on Gambling was established in 2012. Change seems to making its way to the top in 2016 with the news that an agreement had been reached between the 16 German Länder on the wording of a new State Treaty on Gambling.

There is hope on the horizon that the new rules will remove the cap on the number of available licenses and maybe authorize casino games. The press release from the German Prime Minister’s Conference in Warnemünde said the restriction on issuing no more than 20 sports betting licenses will be eliminated and that online betting licenses will be issued using “minimum quality standards.” An organization has been created including eight online gambling operators to lobby the government for policy changes. The German Online Casino Association (Deutsche Online Casinoverband – DOCV) agenda is to convince the authorities that casino products should be included with sports betting in Germany.

The operators and the authorities have been in a locked horns situation in the courts since the issuing of 20 sports betting licences in 2014 which the European Commission called flawed and requested a redo of the licensing process. To satisfy the requirements of the EU agreement on free ecommerce trade German regulators have been asked to study other European regulated online gambling markets to “analyze the current actual development in the field of online casino offers.” There are no guarantees that online poker will be included in the new licensing scheme. It should also be noted that there are calls in the government issued statement for the creation of a public institution charged with strengthening the restrictions on unauthorized online operators.  The President of the German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) Mathias Dahms, commented on the proposals saying the news,  “makes us hopeful,” He also asked legislators to follow through on their promises by “consistently” implementing the needed changes.



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