Online Gambling Fund Processing Alternatives

Published Tuesday, November 01, 2016 -
Online Gambling Fund Processing Alternatives

The words ‘big data’ are fast becoming a subject the online gambling industry is paying close attention to.  Certain financial institutions are also using ‘big data’ to track down cyber criminals laundering money through various systems that they transact money for in a very big way earning massive amounts in the process. Protecting the assets of the monetary system is important to every business including the credit card industry which has made some hard choices when it comes to protecting the customer from fraud and the theft of personal information and funds.

A recent report in has revealed there was a letter sent from VISA to some payment processors that deal with online US-facing betting locations that are possible problems with money laundering in the system. The task set for the online betting industry as a whole is to make the whole thing safer and more trustworthy in general so institutions have turned to the use of big data as well as other techniques to beat the fraudsters. Utilizing science and technology is making the job somewhat easier using intelligent risk models and AI algorithms to find the rotten apple in the barrel.

Everything online is tracked in some way by something or someone the online world is very invasive by robotic information gathering devices planted in each web location. It is this data that is collected and screened for various habits and trends leading to further investigation.

The invasive aspect is hard to take but in some ways it helps the internet become better for the online gambler it will open up the access to other forms of funding for the online casino operators. Bitcoin has already received solid recognition as a reliable funding alternative for online betting. There are many other virtual currencies and financial institutions that are available to the punting public.



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