Digital Fuel Innovations For Online Gambling Survival

Published Monday, November 07, 2016 -
Digital Fuel Innovations For Online Gambling Survival

The online betting industry in all of its aspects has created so many opportunities for media in all parts of the world. The online casino industry employs massive talent in an effort to attract customers. Operators spend a lot of time getting the right image and product out to the connected gambler using  media platforms traditional and otherwise.

It is the media developers that drive the online gambling public to a particular web domain and even attempt retaining them. This is one of the hardest of tasks for online casino operators consistent advertizing that is fresh and innovative can bring the customer back perhaps for the long term.

A recent announcement that Digital Fuel Marketing an Australian company with offices in Hong Kong and London U.K. has created a new division which will concentrate on content, the latest in technology, and the development of products for betting on sports and horse racing. This comes as no surprise as Australian online betting operators are looking to expand on all fronts. The new sector Digital Fuel Innovations will provide an outlet to expand on the gaming possibilities in Australia.   From the Digital Fuel web site quote:  “We’re rocket fuel for your business online because most of our team is drawn from senior positions within the ultra-competitive world of online gambling, where the acquisition and retention of new customers is vital for survival.”

Toby Oddy, chief executive and founder of Digital Fuel, and Edward Beesley, strategy consultant and founder of TSoK Consultancy, will take the helm of the Digital Fuel Innovations division. Already the new entity has a project with Chroma Sports and its relationship with gambling operators.

The Chief Executive Officer of Chroma, Paddy O’ Clery commented, “Working with Digital Fuel Innovations we will not only make the right connections, we will also be able to utilise their unparalleled experience



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