British Brexit Backers Betting On Trump Victory

Published Tuesday, November 08, 2016 -
British Brexit Backers Betting On Trump Victory

The day has come in the USA when the voting for the 58th president takes place and the world of betting can settle up. Online betting on this election has hit high water marks in almost every jurisdiction where putting a bet on the outcome is legal. According to the punters best friend, the polls, the election will be won by the Democrats who by most calculations have a 90 percent chance of winning.

Donald Trump has made it clear he is not a government man and if he gets to the oval office he will shake up the establishment and its foundations. The offensive way that Mr. Trump talked about minorities, women and Hillary Clinton in particular has upset a portion of the American populous which undoubtedly will sway some voters in the Republican camp to vote for the Democrats.

All this tension and division in the USA has brought gambling on the election outcome to fever pitch. According to the final Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation project it looks certain Clinton will win. The survey revealed Clinton was leading Trump by about 45 percent to 42 percent in the popular vote, and was in the ball park with a win of 303 votes in the Electoral College to Trump’s 235.  270 Electoral College votes are required for a clear victory.

The election betting odds are favouring Clinton to win but in some of the US jurisdictions such as Ohio Florida, Arizona and Utah which are key battleground states the election call was too close. The candidates have cast their votes and the marathon and strangely compelling race to the White House will soon be calculated and the online gambling operators will be paying the winners. Surprising momentum has been behind Donald Trump. A spokesperson for Betfair, said: "Brexit is still firmly in bettors' minds and those who made a killing from the result in June are backing Trump to come through for them again, with over 67% of Brexit backers putting their faith in Trump.”

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