Trump Influence on US Legal Online Gambling

Published Wednesday, November 16, 2016 -
Trump Influence on US Legal Online Gambling

The election of Donald Trump as a Republican president in the USA has many poker players and online gamblers speculating as to where the online betting industry is headed in America. The influence of political backers such as Sheldon Adelson who is vehemently opposed to the proliferation of cyber casinos has yet to be determined. If the argument that Mr.Trump has been putting forth that government shouldn’t be influenced by lobbyists and their money is true then Sheldon’s cash contribution to the Trump campaign won’t have any effect on whether online gambling is legalized or prohibited on a federal level.

The USA’s political system is complicated and unwieldy and despite having a majority in both political chambers, Republicans have failed to get a ban on online gambling passed. Republicans now however hold majorities in the House and the Senate, along with having control of the presidency so it is doubtful they will abandon the effort to stop online gambling at the federal level. Some Republicans are not happy with the current situation and feel the control of online gambling regulations should be left up to the individual states.

All things considered it appears that the Restoration of America’s Wire Act  bill which died in December 2015, after it became clear in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing that committee members themselves were opposed may be dead forever. Consider the alliance that Trump has made with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who is trying to put online gambling into the mix of economic generators there is little chance he will go against what he has been attempting to do for some time now.

The Trump presidency has created new issues for the progress of legalized online gambling in the USA but it is obvious that as a land based casino owner Trump may have a soft stance on the benefits of legal internet betting.

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