SeanieMac Online Betting Moving Forward With Upgrades

Published Sunday, November 20, 2016 -
SeanieMac Online Betting Moving Forward With Upgrades

SeanieMac Holdings has been attending to the task of keeping current in an ever growing online gambling industry with upgrades and a new approach. Back in October of this year Shane O'Driscoll, chief executive of SeanieMac Holdings, commented on the developments the firm is in the process of implementing, "We continue to plan, discuss and deliver our digital marketing strategy on a daily basis with our new digital media partner Dev Clever and our marketing strategy will grow with the further development of our new site.” O'Driscoll continued, “We are also working on developing or long planned VIP customer growth side of the business which should significantly increase our revenues, once fully realised.” “We will provide updates on turnover and gross profit as the roll out continues.”

The SeanieMac online betting update enables VIP punters to directly access preferred payment providers and promotions optimized for the website.

O'Driscoll commented on the completion of the platform update, “These are key parts of developing a new site and over the coming weeks we will continue to further develop and upgrade our site and strive to offer a unique experience. “We are working diligently to grow our customer base and our VIP customer strategy on a daily basis.”

Now Seaniemac has announced the details of a football targeted advertising strategy by entering into an advertising partnership with sports marketing agency Project 11.

The agreement point out the details which will be made up of digital sideline board advertising for seven matches in the Spanish Liga top-tier club football competitions.  O'Driscoll, said, “We are excited about the exposure the partnership will bring to SeanieMac; Real Madrid and Barcelona are arguably the two most popular football clubs in the world featuring the world's two most talented and popular players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.”

Seaniemac is making its online sports betting site more accessible and rewarding for customer long term participation.



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