China Continues Crackdown On Online Gambling

Published Wednesday, November 23, 2016 -
China Continues Crackdown On Online Gambling

The world of online gambling got a little more risky recently with the confirmation by the Australian Foreign Minister that three Australian nationals have been formally charged and detained in China. The employees of casino operator Crown Resorts Ltd. were arrested a short time ago and according to the Foreign minister Julie Bishop, "The three remain in detention in Shanghai and will be visited by Australian consular officials today,"

Eighteen Crown employees were initially detained and analysts have linked the detentions to Chinese laws banning casinos from advertising or promoting gambling. China is a communist country and it has been restricting the civil right of its citizens for many years.  Activities such as gambling are strictly forbidden and restricted. Recently, the government of China has imposed a number of harsh penalties for online gaming sites and even live streamers who are suspected of distributing the prohibited content.

The Chinese Ministry Of Culture is responsible for the upkeep of the socialist values of the population and rules the nation with complete control. Unfortunately youth are often caught up in the online gaming crackdown which may seem harsh. Now, however live streamers are being targeted because, it is alleged that some online streamers have been promoting online gambling sites that feature e-Sports betting on their social channels and live streams. The Chinese government has started implementing severe punishments against those who don’t comply with the current law of the land.

The arrest of Australia’s  Crown employees is an example of the risky nature of advertizing online gambling on the internet in jurisdictions where it is known to be prohibited. The international nature of the internet leads to problems especially for the online gambling industry which in some areas of the world is considered a problem to be dealt with. In China keeping the population under control is a giant task that will continue as long as there is a communist government in that part of the world.  


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