Big Illegal Online Gambling Crackdown in Asia

Published Tuesday, November 29, 2016 -
Big Illegal Online Gambling Crackdown in Asia

The international aspect of internet wagering certainly has come into focus with the recent news of arrests and deportations in the Philippines and China for online gambling offenses by nationals of other nations. The Philippines newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte continues his attack to curb online gambling in his jurisdiction. According to a report in the Philippine Inquirer authorities in the Philippines have arrested over 1300 Chinese nationals that were allegedly involved in illegal online gambling and also were suspected to have contravened the visa limitations. The Philippines Bureau of Immigration said it will deport the illegal aliens after they were charged with “overstaying, working in violation of the limitations and conditions of their visa, and engaging in an unlicensed online gaming business,”

So far it is not clear if the recent moves by President Duterte will result in a strained political relationship between China and the Philippines that appeared to be on the mend after the election when Duterte said he would join in if Russian and China decided to create a new world order. The major portion if the crowd arrested are suspected of working in some capacity in the illegal online gambling industry based out of Clark Field, the former US air base. The call center like operation is said to have targeted Chinese gamblers in Mainland China.

Beijing has officially expressed concern over the mass arrest with the representative for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Geng Shuang, stating, “China expresses concern over the large number of Chinese citizens detained by the Philippines.” The count thus far is 1318 individuals a much greater number than the recent arrest of a three Australians by Chinese government officials last month for gambling offenses. Geng Shuang also said the Chinese government will request the immediate release of the foreigners who have “legal identification.”




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