Philippines President Vows Again To Undo Online Gambling Industry

Published Thursday, December 22, 2016 -
Philippines President Vows Again To Undo Online Gambling Industry

Rodrigo Duterte, the recently elected president of the Philippines, is living up to his reputation as a hard line political leader bent on cleaning up crime and now the online gambling industry.

While the president has been branded as the 'punisher' and 'Duterte Harry' he seemed willing to allow online betting at the beginning of his administration he has now ordered the closure of  all forms of online gambling in the country. The president said the country has not benefited from online gambling and he has decided to close the industry down. He made the comment about online gambling while he was announcing a budget for the financial year 2017.


Duterte was quoted in the Inquirer as saying,"I am ordering the closure of all online gaming (firms). All of them. They have no use," He also said the government didn’t have a mechanism to regulate the internet gambling industry in the Philippines.

According Reuters news ast  August, Duterte withdrew the license of one company’s 13-year monopoly of internet betting in online cafes. He also announced back then the continuation of online gambling if all the  taxes are paid as well as an edict that gaming parlours are  to be established away from schools and churches. Duterte claims the measures are to prevent less affluent Filipinos from gambling.

"I was mad because even the youth are gambling and there was no way of collecting the proper taxes," Duterte declared, "Pay the correct taxes... Gamble until you die. I do not really care."


Duterte's new remarks caused the share price of PhilWeb and Leisure & Resorts World Corporation to falter. In his reversal decision Duterte noted the weak leadership at the Philippine Export Zone Authority (PEZA), which deals with online gaming operators that set up in export zones. Confusion for industry leaders in the jurisdiction is the optimal word to describe the current situation as no timeline for the action has been announced as yet.




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