Public & Private Online Gambling Shares Wealth

Published Tuesday, January 03, 2017 -
Public & Private Online Gambling Shares Wealth

The online gambling industry has generally gone through many image changes. The general impression is that the image the industry has in general is a good one that is as safe as any other form of gambling. What the industry has generated in jobs and revenue from taxes and licenses adds significantly to many economies around the world. Lotteries have for many years funded social programs and sporting events for communities everywhere. The public interest in what some detractors call a tax on the poor has created a negative impression and online gambling firms have also been given a bad reputation some deserved and then others not so much.

The need for certain industries to give back is great any one can see there is need everywhere for all kinds of help. Doing what is right thing by sharing when there is so much abundance and wealth in some parts of the world and very little in others is also something online gambling operators contribute too.

There are some internet betting entrepreneurs that stand out year after year as those that want to give something back. The Canadian online gambling successful pioneer in the industry Calvin Ayre come to the forefront when it comes to trying to set a good example for the interactive wagering industry. To give even a little can mean a lot to many people. For over 10 years The Calvin Ayre Foundation for example has been working with local organizations and communities in over 8 countries really making a difference and ensuring that we leave the world in a much better place than we found it. If only more private sector online betting firms followed this lead the planet may be able to conquer some of the enormous challenges we have today.


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