Online Gambling Laws in Australia Update Coming

Published Wednesday, January 04, 2017 -
Online Gambling Laws in Australia Update Coming

The politics of online gambling keeps hitting snags in Australia where the changing attitude of government has put a damper on profit for offshore operators in the nation. History seems to keep repeating itself on the continent of Australia where the political climate has brought a lot of attention to gambling creating controversy and struggle for online punting service providers.

Australia is a gambling nation and its inhabitants love to place a few dollars on whatever lady luck has to offer. Various governments of the country have tried to satisfy the moral majority by clamping down on excessive use of the pokies and now it is in the midst of implementing a more comprehensive set of laws to govern access to so called, illegal online gambling sites.

The Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016, introduced to the Australian legislature by Minister for Human Services Alan Tudge is coming closer to a reaity. The online gambling operators that are affected are making the hard but smart decision to exit the Australian gambling market. Last month The U.K.’s William Hill bit the bullet and left the jurisdiction and Malta registered Vera & John online betting also made the decision to clear out. Poker Stars has also declared it may too make the move to retire operations in Australia mainly to keep its reputation intact in anticipation of further penetration of the poker market in the USA.

Although the law has not as yet passed the impact of the possibility is being felt by the internet betting casino industry. Technology was winning the legal battle for online betting as smart phone applications circumvented the old law prohibiting telephone betting which online betting firms have taken full advantage of for some time. Prime Minister Turnbull who once was Chairman and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs Australia 1997-2001 knows that internet gambling is a big business, so it may not be long before Australia offers a taxed and licensed online gambling industry.



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