Online Poker Liquidity Coming to Europe and Beyond

Published Sunday, January 08, 2017 -
Online Poker Liquidity Coming to Europe and Beyond

Online poker is a passion for millions of players all over the planet. The amount of money wagered on igames of all sorts and there are many types being played is enormous. Research by the iGaming Business Market Monitor revealed that the UK online gambling market will surpass the £4bn mark in gross gaming revenues in 2016 as the country's double-digit growth appears set to continue. That is all gaming included which adds massive revenues for operators and government.

A post from Portugal has stepped the value in that jurisdiction with the Projeto de Regulamento que define os Requisitos Técnicos do Sistema Técnico do Jogo Online submitting a model for sharing online poker liquidity by Portugal gambling regulator Serviço de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ) to the European Commission recently.

The SRIJ issued Portugal’s first online poker license in the newly regulated market to PokerStars, which has surpassed projected statistics during its first month of operation. Even though the review has a three month waiting period, the regulator is setting April 2017 as the targeted date for shared liquidity agreements to take effect. The proposal by Portugal extends its reach to regulated markets beyond the European Union provided other models meet necessary technical standards for integration and resource pooling. 

France opened its market to shared liquidity provided according to criteria submitted to the EU recently and it was one of a number of European online gambling regulators that also included Spain, Italy, Portugal, and the UK that agreed upon a set of universal technical standards for liquidity sharing across national borders. The unification of the regulations suggests that in mid 2017 implementation of the poker liquidity plan will come about as regulators adapt individual taxation systems to the liquidity-sharing process for online poker, which would include contributions to jackpots which could raise the value of each payout. Online poker players should be delighted with this new inclusive model.




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