US Online Gambling Legal Fight Looming

Published Thursday, January 12, 2017 -
US Online Gambling Legal Fight Looming

The Americans have elected a new president that has got a lot of baggage in tow what with his outrageously different campaign that had a lot of bookies losing big on the gamble he might win and his stance that is keeping punters putting money on when he will be impeached. Even though Donald Trump has owned casinos in Atlantic City and has made serious money with gambling it is not clear what his stance is on legalizing online betting across the USA.

One of the biggest Republican supporters of a ban on online gambling is 83 year old Sheldon Adelson a casino magnate and founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Las Vegas Sands Corporation. During the campaign Trump’s superPAC got a $25 million cash infusion from Adelson. What money can buy is influence in the good old USA and Adelson has said in an exclusive interview with Forbes that he is determined to stop online gambling and the eleventh richest person in the US will spend whatever-it-takes.

 More trouble is looming for the internet betting industry in America where an opponent to online gambling has been nominated as Attorney General by President-elect Trump. Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions said during a confirmation hearing that he did not agree with a previous interpretation of America’s Federal Wire Act which is in question regarding legal online gambling in some parts of the USA and that he was planning to revisit it.

The combination of Mr. Adelson’s influence, the Republican control in both the houses in Washington an Attorney General that is opposed and wants implementation of the Restoration of America’s Wire Act could create action that punters on the internet may not like.  

All that considered in context there are thousands of Americans who feel that online gambling should be legalized, licensed and taxed to make it fair and secure. There will be sure opposition should the hammer come down on internet gambling in the States.

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