Trump Election Still Garnering Online Gambling Action

Published Saturday, January 21, 2017 -
Trump Election Still Garnering Online Gambling Action

It is a curious thing the urge to wager on the Trump presidency because everything about the new President of the USA is on the internet today. The whole world seems fascinated by the successful business man now the President of arguably the most powerful nation on earth that has captured the imagination of millions of punters. Being able to read all the analysis offered by fake or real news sources has given the betting public an opportunity to decide for themselves what side of the coin to choose. Heads or tails is a basic wager compared to the many prop bets available from online gambling web locations such as Paddy Power.

Gamblers in every part of the planet are putting bets on Donald Trump's term as President gambling it will end prematurely with impeachment or his resignation. The new leader is entering the White House with a ton of controversy over conflicts of interest and investigations into his relationship with the Russian leader Putin.

Paddy Power is giving 7/4 odds on Trump not completing the first four year term, and 4/1 on Trump being impeached within six months. These are favorable odds that saw large amounts of cash spent by punters that want to risk a little for what could be a decent payout.

In the past online gamblers have had massive success predicting presidential politics. In 2008, ninety percent of bets favoured Barack Obama winning the election with online gamblers also deciding the correct result in 48 out of 50 states.

In the 2016 election online gamblers lost heavily on Hillary Clinton. Odds on almost every major online betting site favoured the Democrat candidate so much so that Paddy Power paid out almost a million dollars before the election to those who bet on Clinton.  

The online gambling operators got it wrong with Brexit too so when looking at odds the book makers opinion may not be the right one, its always the educated choice of the punter that really matters.  



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