U.K.G.C. Prosecutes Video Game Gambling Exploiters

Published Tuesday, February 07, 2017 - Online-Casinos.com
U.K.G.C. Prosecutes Video Game Gambling Exploiters

The younger generation has always been a source of income for most producers of games of all sorts. The embracing of the internet by youth has created an environment where competitive first person games are becoming lucrative when monetized by operators and marketers. The viral aspect of gaming in massive numbers by skilled and accomplished young people is something that was sure to be exploited in one fashion or another.

The U.K.Gambling Commission’s rules of engagement when it comes to wagering are clear in so much that adhering to the  licensing and tax regulations are part of them assuming the operator has a license.

Charges were brought by the U.K.G.C. to people for an unlicensed gambling website connected to a video game.  This case may have brought home the point that unscrupulous people may be exploiting the youthful demographic and they will not get away with it any longer.

This is the first time the U.K. Gambling Commission has prosecuted for video game-related violation of its regulations. The BBC media has released a post indicating the site in question, FUT Galaxy, allowed users to gamble in-game currency from EA's Fifa series and its Fifa Ultimate Team mode on the outcomes of real football matches, then transferring the proceeds back into the video games.

Craig 'NepentheZ' Douglas has pleaded guilty to running a gambling site without a license and advertising that site on YouTube and Twitter. Business partner, Dylan Rigby, also pleaded guilty to three offences according to the BBC, including two charges related to the provision of facilities for gambling and a third concerning advertising illegal gambling.

Providing the right circumstances for the reduction of harm done to youth by online gambling is what the regulatory bodies all over the world are attempting to do. The combination of availability via the web and lots money is a sure fire road to riches for some but a road to ruin for others. The two guilty men have not been sentenced yet.



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