Trump Adelson Sessions May Gang Up on Online Gambling

Published Friday, February 10, 2017 -
Trump Adelson Sessions May Gang Up on Online Gambling

Pressure is mounting in Washington over the legal situation concerning online gambling in the USA. Well known opponent to the continuation of internet betting in America, Sheldon Adelson has scheduled a meeting with President Donald Trump that may include a discussion about betting online.

Trump tends to be taking the moral high ground that could very well include clamping down on offshore gambling sites that take away needed taxes and gambling losses from US citizens.

Sheldon Adelson is a huge supporter of Israel and has spent many dollars promoting the Republican Party and Donald Trump in the last election. Adelson has also spent significant funds on the anti-online gambling lobby in Washington. Businessman Trump, has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the gambling industry and has owned a number of casinos, so the argument presented by Adelson may have some weight although it is not certain whether Trump is opposed or for the activity if it is properly regulated.

The odds that Mr.Adelson and President Trump will see eye to eye on the online gambling issue are great noting the payback attitude that Trump has been displaying since he was elected.

Another aspect that sends a message to the internet gambler is Trumps selection of Jeff Sessions as the US’s 84th Attorney General who is a straight and narrow Republican. Senators voted 52 to 47 approving Sessions as the new member of Trump’s political team. Sessions has been the most controversial cabinet picks made by President Trump mostly because he is a right wing hard liner who has many views that seem to contradict what Trump has said. Striking down laws state laws isn’t a sure thing but it seems the deck is being stacked against online gambling legislation to legalize and regulate the industry. The money spent against the legalization of internet betting may be well spent if Sessions calls for a federal ban and Adelson will get what he has paid for.

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