Informed Betting Choices Available Online

Published Friday, February 17, 2017 -
Informed Betting Choices Available Online

The internet provides information that businesses of all types rely on to give them a direction based on related research. The internet betting industry is international and the wagering behaviour patterns from every corner of the world are available to online gambling industry participants who use this type of information to access business choices.  

Wagering does involve some research and there are tip adviser web sites that can give online gambling participants a qualified edge. One location on the net that has been giving advice to the gambler and operators is which has a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Information that matters to gamblers can be obscure but vital to making a profit from betting efforts. The web site has picked favourite bookmakers for example with Matchbook and Bet365 appearing in the top three for number of wagers on football, tennis and basketball.

Launched in 2004 is the gambling industry’s largest social network for sports betting, making available the tools the wagering public needs to make the most informed punts possible. The firm analyses the opinions of over 350,000 users, generating in excess of 125,000 bets per month and 650,000 successful bets per annum. The database is available in 15 languages, and covers 40 sports including football, tennis, basketball, American football and ice hockey. Additionally,’s academy book, an ebook, and online resource tools educate over 100,000 users every year.

The web site also offers additional tools and products including a Betting Odds Calculator, an app which enables users to browse and submit information, odds, and predictions for football matches of as many as 250 global competitions. The Bookmaker Finder, compares the best bets, bonuses, and deposit information from over 30 bookmakers giving a punter an informed choice. Last year launched the first in-play app, bettingexpert LIVE. The app aggregates the best in-play punts, and lets punters place bets immediately, as well as granting cash prizes to the best punts on in-play markets.



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