Online Gambling's Teddi Sagi Makes Smart Moves

Published Sunday, March 05, 2017 -
Online Gambling's Teddi Sagi Makes Smart Moves

Internet gambling entrepreneurs have done well for the most part with those who got into the game early and survived the minefield of laws and regulatory rules have done very well. The online betting world is constantly growing with acquisitions and technological advancements that enable the gaming industry.

Of all the software developers and suppliers for online casinos, and there are many, Playtech has definitely been a major component in the industry’s expansion. Playtech’s success is  attributed to the Israeli billionaire Teddy Sagi.  An entrepreneur extraordinaire Mr.Sagi has made some good business moves over the years and has built himself an empire worth an estimated $5 billion.

Tedi Sagi’s tech interests include Playtech Cyprus Ltd., the world's largest operator of platform-based software for online gambling websites. Among other interests the firm is diverse and profitable.  His real estate business includes Market Tech Holdings, which operates the popular Camden Market in London and Holborn Links in central London, recently acquired for £300 million.

Utilizing some of Teddi Sagi’s real estate holdings Sagi's group is entering the co-working share workspace sector with a new international brand called LABS at locations in major cities eventually around the world. The first LAB site will open in Holborn in the UK and later in Israel.

The Sagi group has ventured into this sector before in the Camden Market, Market Tech has for the over a year been operating the Interchange site, for over 1,000 start ups. The concept that Sagi is employing is to bring technology entrepreneurs to the shopping market, considered a space for young entrepreneurs. The Interchange area is slated to expand with Market Tech planning to build more centers at the market.

When looking for talent Teddi Sagi the online gambling software king is getting involved with the $11 billion dollar workspace-as-a-service industry which includes office business centers, co-working facilities, incubators and other shared office spaces he is  creating the right environment for innovation.

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