Complete Wagering Solutions For eSports

Published Monday, March 06, 2017 -
Complete Wagering Solutions For eSports

It has been a relatively short time since the internet became a household item and the power of computing that took up blocks of office space now rests in a person’s hand.  Online gaming has become a major component of computer entertainment with betting on just about anything being a bonus for gamblers and entrepreneurs. The number of games that people can spend their time playing on the internet is endless and more continue to evolve. Then there are interactive games that require skill and determination to win which have become massively popular both for the betting public and spectators.

Investments have been getting more intense in the eSports gambling industry considering how the popularity of eSports has created sub industries that thrive on the gambling aspect of eSports events.

One firm that is looking got catch the wagering wave formed by eSports bettors is Vermantia which has developed and launched a complete betting solution for eSports competitions including single games and tournaments. The online retail and mobile offering will utilise data, statistics and results compiled from more than one million eSport competitions monthly creating a range of customized wagering markets and odds. A partnership with PvPRO Gaming has been acquired to offer wagers on the first person shooter game Counter Strike: GO with other popular games to be added at a later time.

Chief product officer at Vermantia, Yiannis Gangas, commented, “We are excited to embark into eSports, with a fully customisable and all-inclusive betting product, to enable our customers expand their offering and address millennials alongside their existing client base.”

Gangas continued, “By adding also eSports on Vermantia CONNECT, our multi-vendor and multi-content platform, we are uniquely positioned to meet the evolving needs of leading operators for top quality and immersive gaming content.”


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