Last Great Race Online Betting Slim Selection

Published Tuesday, March 07, 2017 -
Last Great Race Online Betting Slim Selection

The interest in online betting has never been keener and with that said where are the terrestrial casinos going next to attract new customers. Casinos and the diminishing horse racing industry as well as greyhound racing and other animal related races still have some appeal but they too are being digitized and made virtual in this technology focused age.

Granted the racing of dogs and horses for human entertainment is not new and some organizations such as PETA are even calling for the end of such activities due to allegations that it is inhumane. Gambling is very much part of what drives and funds racing. The creation of a virtual horse racing game has become more appealing to the animal friendly new age gambler but the question still remains, will this be enough to satisfy the excitement of a real horse race or dog race or for that matter the grueling dog sled races happening every year in Alaska USA.

Trying to find odds on these competitive races including the Iditarod is difficult even online which is hard to understand considering how exciting this kind of race is. In the early 1900s, dog sleds provided transportation for miners to get to Alaska’s gold fields. At one point a village called Iditarod briefly became the largest city in Alaska with 10,000 gold mining prospectors in 1910. These prospectors would reach the Yukon-Kuskowim region by dog sled. Now every March, dog sled mushers competing in the Last Great Race get to race over more than 1,000 miles of Alaska’s most rugged terrain.

Online virtual reality dog sled races could be the future of gambling on this event as the winters become warmer and real time animal attractions become extinct. The diminishing animal racing industry is being supplanted by online virtual racing with the internet creating a different perspective when it comes to entertainment at the expense of animals.

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