Institute for Liberty Calls Online Gambling Ban 'Cronyism'

Published Wednesday, March 08, 2017 -
Institute for Liberty Calls Online Gambling Ban 'Cronyism'

Gambling in America is big business that has been dealing with the introduction of online betting since it became popular and available. The history of online gambling in the USA has been a rocky one with legal issues containing its expansion in the many jurisdictions in the States.

An ongoing argument that has focused on opposition to the use of the internet for wagering has made little traction in Congress where the Restoration of America’s Wire Act keeps coming up as an issue for politicians to debate.

Leading the anti online gambling charge Sheldon Adelson refers to online gambling as a scourge ruining the country and addicting youth to the ‘unhealthy’ activity. However the Conservative Political Action Conference recently held a poll regarding the issue which revealed efforts by Sheldon Adelson to ban online gambling at the federal level are highly unpopular. The Institute for Liberty whose mission is keeping government “from unnecessarily interfering in the daily lives of America’s entrepreneurs” recently released information gathered at the high profile conservative event.  Participants responded to a few questions about online gambling and as many as 90 percent of those who answered the poll said they oppose efforts to ban state-regulated gambling. About the same number agreed that legislation to that end — the Restoration of America’s Wire Act — “is a violation of the Tenth Amendment and an example of crony capitalism.”

Andrew Langer, the President of the Institute for Liberty commented, “Conservatives see RAWA for what it is – one of the worst forms of crony capitalism in Congress today.  RAWA is nothing short of an effort by one of the richest men in the world to ban a form of competition for his brick and mortar casino empire – and everyone knows it,” Langer continued.  “Worse yet, he is even willing to trample on the Constitution to do it.”


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