Paddy Power's Online Betting 'Trump Hub' Launched

Published Wednesday, March 22, 2017 -
Paddy Power's Online Betting 'Trump Hub' Launched

Paddy Power the iconic and brazen Irish bookie is again keeping every punter excited about betting. Currently the American reality show master and now president of what is considered the most powerful nation on the earth Donald Trump is the flavour most appealing to political futurist speculation wagering crowd. The 45th President of the United States is causing a worldwide stir and that is fact not a sort of fantasy game which if one has been following the American businessman and television personality’s constant tweets it feels like sometimes. The seventy year old who likes to think of family as his staff has a lot of people listing to his every edict as he attempts to make America great again.

The Paddy Power crew are on to the interest in Trump with seriously resolve offering odds on various aspect of the continuing saga in Washington. It’s not as if this online gambling company hasn’t hedged its bets on previous occasions such as the referendum in Britain and the recent election of Donald John Trump. The book was so confident that Paddy Power lost as much as £5 million $6.2 million on the early payout when Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential election in the USA.

Paddy Power offers more than 100 markets on the US President at this point and it has decided to keep the ball rolling by creating a new position. The ‘head of Trump betting’  will manage the company’s ‘Trump Hub’ of their special wagers. The recently launched ‘Trump Hub’ will include new special wagers  on Trump’s demise. The fascination that Brits have for Trumps antics is amazing and it has been enhanced by the recent allegation Trump has made concerning British intelligence and a phone tap.  What were the odds on that happening? Current wagering options include improved odds for Trump to be impeached but the billionaire keeps tweeting that things are great in America.




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