Prague Hosting First VR/AR Gambling Conference

Published Saturday, March 25, 2017 -
Prague Hosting First VR/AR Gambling Conference

Coming up fast on April 3rd 2017 in Prague in the Czech Republic is the interesting VR/AR Gambling Conference. Attending this conference would be a must for anyone interested in the future of augmented online betting and how to excel in its development. The upcoming VR/AR Gambling Conference 2017 is dedicated to exploring the next wave of internet gambling innovation in the industry. The conference is a gathering of leading professionals in the VR/AR online gambling field from all the corners of world. They esteemed developers attend to make an effort to create a new approach in design and innovation for the technical aspects of the virtual gambling sector. The two sectors of the conference include a developer section for innovators and business section for the other aspects of the field such as marketing.

At the conference the Networking demo zone will impact participants with tests of VR/AR novelties and products compelling information to alleviate the main obstacle in the way of virtual reality expansion a limited number of VR headsets owners.  Each participant will be able to become a part of VR casino projects already underway.

The list of speakers begins with co-founder of KWP Limited, Kevin Williams who has expertise in market analysis and technology evaluation as well as other skills. He will be expected to speak at length on the topic of “Mixed realities gaming’s technology jackpot”. Other speakers include Initech CEO, Ishay Tentser who will deliver for the developer segment of the event a presentation called “Personalisation via chatbots brings more leads and a better gaming experience”.

Virtual reality and augmented reality have been taking a long time to mature but that time has come and will be explored fully at the first conference dedicated to the activity. The online gambling industry is embracing the technology which is rapidly seeing the pot of gold at the end of the internet rainbow.   

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