BMM Testlabs Providing Certified Gambling World Wide

Published Saturday, April 15, 2017 -
BMM Testlabs Providing Certified Gambling World Wide

The regulated online gambling industry has a partner that is indispensable for fair gambling activity. Operators depend on standards set by government organizations that make sure the games punters are playing online are safe fair and dependable. The service providers for interactive casino operators include the compliance testing companies which is necessary for every enterprise.

There are many certified firms that are registered for the service with BMM test labs being at the forefront of the industry. The company was established in 1981 to provide services in 13 countries in the regulated online gambling market. The company has built a new testing facility in Moncton New Brunswick, Canada and last month announced it has received approval for testing games and equipment in Chile’s gambling industry in South America. Now in April of 2017 the independent gaming certification lab  has been granted approval to test and certify select aspects of the Italian gaming market.

The agreement BMM has established with the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli extends to the remote play sector, as well as bingo, devices without cash prizes and other equipment. The firm has been working in Europe since 2007 and provides certification in more than 440 jurisdictions around the globe.

Senior vice-president, Europe and South America at BMM, Marzia Turrini, commented on the new deal, “Over the last three years, BMM has been the only gaming lab in Italy to provide gaming providers with VLT platform and game pre-certification testing according to SOGEI guidelines.

“With the Italian gaming regulator extending certification capabilities to independent test labs, BMM is extremely well placed to use its market leading experience and proven VLT testing expertise in Italy to serve all major gaming providers and concessionaires.

“We support the Italian government’s strong regulatory leadership and hope to see Italy continue as a thriving gaming market, with many new exciting product choices for players driving continued growth in the market.”



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